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Most of us agree when we say that owning a house is one the most desired goals working day and night saving up for it. not only to fulfill childhood dream but also start investing on something you can live in long time possibly let your family inherit it comes.

Since owning a house is ranked the same level as graduating or marriage in terms of life-changing circumstances, it's no surprise for some who dare took a brave step into investing a home they can finally call their own - are still intimidated by the process or change.

When everything is finally settled, owning a house of your own definitely has its benefits. Here are two of it:

  • Sense of Freedom, Security and Stability: It is within the four walls of your own home will you feel free and safe. You are free to do as you please when it comes to design, decorations and the like, compared to when you rent a place. Also, when you finally own a house, you are securing the future of your family that they may inherit your hard-earned home.
  • Capability To Make Home Improvements: When you were just renting a place, there were a lot of restrictions and one of them was redecorating the whole place. Now that you finally have your own house, you can decorate, redecorate, paint, repaint, arrange or rearrange all you want. You can finally let your creative mind loose and apply it to your own home, making it the dream house you've always wanted.


  • Coastal or Cottage: Nautical colors or colors of the sea give that warm, relaxing and positive vibe for your house. Even when your house is located in the city or mountain area, when you choose a coastal vibe of home decor you'll surely still feel the sea breeze around your home.
  • Scandinavian: When you are the minimalist type then the mid-century modern design, Scandinavian is definitely for you. Scandinavian designs are mostly white with gray tones or gentle colors as the foundation, simple and contemporary accents to match it.
  • Bohemian: If you're a carefree and adventurous kind, then a bohemian themed home is for you. The beauty in all the mess, tribal-inspired is what bohemian home decor collections is all about.


  • Classy Variety: Go for bold, sassy yet classy furniture and home decor. Colors that will stand out and match your personality, add some bling and you've got yourself a bold and chic home.
  • Simply Calming: White, warm neutrals and cool grey decorations and furnitures give out that serene and calming vibe, which actually helps you relax whenever you come home from a very stressful day. And people nowadays are more attracted to things or designs that help them unwind and chill.
  • Back To Retro: If you're into vintage or retro then it's time to unleash your creativity and transform your home into something you'll somehow feel nostalgic of the retros. Mustard, tan, night green, nudes, and all those retro colours for your furniture and home decorators collection you can think of.

When canvassing or shopping for home decors, make sure to do a thorough research on decorations in all parts of your home. Home decor ideas for living room, bedroom, kitchen and all that should be listed and checked if this or that is what you really need at the moment. Decorating items for home can be fun and exciting but remember to stick to your budget and not over spend.

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